The company Kornicki was founded by Tomasz Kornicki in Vienna in the year 1989. While leading his company he was also working in the Office for Applied Mathematics of the mathematician Dr. Walter Heindl. As a physicist and computer scientist he dealt with issues related to construction physics and the problem of thermal bridges. With Dr. Heindl's team he participated in the development of a program that calculates temperature profiles and heat flows, „WAEBRU“. Following the motto „Nothing is more useful than a good theory“, this office developed theoretical basics of various areas of technical natural sciences. In the year 2003 he finally developed a program for calculations related to thermal bridges, AnTherm.
AnTherm is based on 30 years of experience. The company Kornicki has been working together with Prof. Dr. Krec, an expert in construction physics, for many years. Since 2012 also with Univ.Ass. Dipl.Ing. Dr. techn. Ulrich Pont , Vienna University of Technology.
The program AnTherm has been systematically developed and updated.


Since 2003 hazard analysis and risk assetsment of machines has been part of our business.

We developed the program MaschCE / CE2003 for this purpose. The program is regularly updated in accordance with the directives and norms of the European Union. We have made the following updates: MaschCE /CE 2007; MaschCE /2009; MaschCE /2010; MaschCE /CE2011. In the year 2014 we rewrote our program MaschCE from scratch. It is very modern and currently the only program of its kind that is available on the market. MaschCE is a program for the development of the technical documentation in accordance with the requirements of the machinery directive.


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